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ALBURY ACCOMMODATION – Attractions you can visit if you stay at Wodonga Motels (Part 1)

Wodonga is a beautiful place to visit. No matter if you go with a reason or you  just decided to go because you have heard of the beauties that this place offers, you have a great opportunity to see the attractions of this town. There are a few Wodonga Motels that will make you enjoy while visiting Wodonga.


In this article I’ll mention some of the attractions that can be explored if you are accommodated in some of the Wodonga Motels.


Bandiana Army Museum

This is one of the biggest army museums in whole Australia. The oldest collection is from the 1863 and that’s the year of first war that Australia was involved in. The museum contains more than a 160 army vehicles, lots of guns, male and female uniforms from different time periods.