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Have an adventurous vacation and harmonious moments while visiting Australia and find the best Hotel Accommodation Australia wide

PORT MACQUARIE ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Port Macquarie / Part 2

Port Macquarie is a city of the koala’s population, yet a modern city of the future. The whole world knows about the beautiful beaches in Australia. In some countries it is summer today but for Australia it is winter. So when summer comes in Australia, people consider a holiday on the Australian beaches especially on the Port Macquarie’s beaches.


The beauty of the beaches is not only because of the beautiful sand but the clean water too. The dolphins and whales as the hosts of the Port Macquarie beaches are another reason not miss this prettiness.


With sixteen beaches in a Port Macquarie’s possession, this place offers more fun for people and dogs together than any other place since all eight beaches are dog friendly. With picnic areas, places to play cricket and certainly places for water sports (surfing, water skiing and ride on the jet boats) you will admit that on these beaches is a lot more fun than you can imagine. On the other hand, if you need an accommodation it would not be a problem since there are many Port Macquarie Accommodation places. The Quality Inn HW Boutique Hotel provides one of the best accommodations in the region and  will guide you through the most of the adorable beaches that belong to the city of Port Macquarie.


MACKAY ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Mackay / Part 2

Mackay as an overwhelming city flourished with natural beauties and man-made attractions became and is an ideal place where you can break your journey and have a pleasant and relaxing holiday.


With so many nature and buildings, it is hard to decide  where to start the exciting journey through Mackay. Since there are many places to be seen, you can enjoy in the Mackay Motels – Comfort Resort Blue Pacific which  guides you through the Mackay’s beaches. It is known that Mackay has 31 beaches that can be visited and explored one every day for a month.



PARRAMATTA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Parramatta / Part 3

Parramatta City was developed back in the past. When you see its history tracks, you will agree that they look like fresh marks that have been made yesterday. The best way to feel this excitement is to walk around the city and pause in front of the same historic attraction that аref from the past.


For any traveler that wants to learn more about Parramatta, there is the Hotel Parramatta – Clarion Hotel on the Park in Sydney and Hotels Homebush prepared to guide you through the beauties of the city . This hotel says “Many things to be seen, many places to be visited, many memories to be experienced – that is Parramatta city.”



CANBERRA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Canberra / Part 2

Canberra is a place where you can see and gain more knowledge about Australia than any other place in the world. From history to living present, Canberra offers not only knowledge but also entertainment and joyful holiday for all ages.


When you decide to visit Canberra you don’t have to worry  about Canberra Accommodation since there are plenty of Canberra Hotels, Canberra Motels that offer relaxed and comfortable lodging. Tall Trees Canberra Hotel (one of the Best Western Australian Hotels) offers a pleasant and peaceful accommodation to families and business people. This time, Canberra Hotel will guide you to some of the beauties that Canberra city offers.



ALBURY MOTELS – What motels really are!

The term “motel” is associated with shady deals and one or two hour rests in the middle of nowhere on the way to a bigger town.


Let’s start with the origin of this term and see how it was made. “Motel” is actually a portmanteau, derived from the classification “motorist hotel,” a quick-stop place or a hotel for motorists who are traveling on long destinations and need some rest. Motels are usually right by the roads and offer wide parking space. Usually located by the side of major roads, these places are inexpensive and they can offer every necessity for the transient stay.