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PARRAMATTA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Parramatta / Part 4

Someone may know and someone may not know that Parramatta city is the second place (the first one is Sydney) where a European settlement was built on the Australian continent. Even though Parramatta was subjected to many historical changes that can be noted in  today’s multicultural community, it is known that Parramatta is now  somewhat a modern and an elegant city. The truth is that this city has one of the biggest industrial corporations Australia wide and many government agencies.


The fact is that Parramatta is an industrial as well as a political city which doesn’t undermine its entertaining and touristic features. Among many existing Hotels in Parramatta, Hotels in Homebush, the Clarion Hotel on the Park  in Sydney started to guide you through the city and its historical, cultural and natural beauties. This time we present the Lennox Bridge, a construction monument of a very high state significance.


The Lenox Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Australia that still has the power to testify about Parramatta’s history and its construction engineering. Actually this bridge has got its name exactly by its constructor David Lennox who was the pioneer of the bridge engineering in the earliest years of the first colonial settlement. Built upon the Parramatta River the bridge clearly shows the purpose of its existence. Today this bridge has even bigger significance for the city besides the main functions that it has. It helped Parramatta to convert from semi rural town to a promising city. For those that have seen the bridge in its past construction form will notice that even the same has been put to building changes. Certainly all the modifications and extensions were made to improve the construction and undoubtedly to fit it in the today’s modern city Parramatta. To hear and feel the history that the Lenox Bridge tells you,you must head out and visit the bridge and you’ll appreciate its greatness.


The pleasure to be even a bigger, Hotel Parramatta – the Clarion Hotel on the Park in Sydney offers its premises and has one of the best Accommodation in Parramatta. With one hundred and eighty one rooms, this hotel proudly stands before its guests by giving them the choice to have a peaceful and relaxed stay in its property while visiting Parramatta. Convinced in the truth that every tourist wants to have a comfortable stay at the hotel, Hotel Parramatta , refurbished their property this year in order to satisfy their guests as much as possible. The hotel has proved that they can deliver the comfort and convenience to their guests and strongly shown care for them. They welcome you and wishing you enjoyable stay in Parramatta.


Have a pleasant leisure while visiting Parramatta.


Visit Parramatta and accommodate at the Clarion Hotel Parramatta