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ALBURY MOTELS – Classification of Accommodation Types!

I believe this is a subject we all learn on the way and I suppose none of us has deeply wondered if they truly understand what accommodation styles really mean. So next time you want to plan your trip choosing Albury motels as a way of accommodation, remember to look over the types of accommodations they provide. I will go ahead and  describe most of the accommodation styles available on the market today.


Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfast or a popular “B&B” accommodation is a property that usually hosts the guests and the hotel owners under one roof. Often it may be a large family home that has been converted or especially build for the purpose. The guests are usually accommodated in large bedrooms with their own bathrooms but it may happen that the bathroom has to be shared. The owners usually live within a different part of the “B&B” and breakfast is made freshly every morning by them.


Self Contained Accommodation

If you need a bit more privacy, then the Self Contained Accommodation is the right choice for you. It varies from cottages and cabins to modern apartments and functional homes. It is usually an accommodation that provides all the facilities needed to have a fully functional living. Some facilities may need to be shared like the laundry, but your accommodation will surely provide fully equipped kitchen and refrigerator.



The widely known hotel accommodation usually provides a bed room and your own bathroom, but it is not strange for a hotel room to include a fully equipped kitchen and be fully self contained. Many hotels offer swimming pools, in-house restaurants as well as conference facilities.



Motel as a word comes from the combination of ‘Motorist’ and ‘Hotel’ to create the word ‘Motel’. These are accommodations designed for people traveling by vehicles with convenient parking space provided. They usually provide a bedroom and a bathroom, though some motels (or Motor Inns) do have apartment style rooms providing fully self contained options.



As the word initiates, Farmstays are located in rural environments and apart from offering accommodation, they offer an opportunity to experience day to day life on a farm and all of its activities. This accommodation usually consists of a purpose built house or cabin separate from the main farm homestead where the hosts are situated. It may be either fully self contained or at a minimum be a bedroom with en-suite bathroom and it provides the opportunity to eat with the hosts.


Caravan Parks

As you all know caravan parks are created to host caravan users and owners and they have evolved into mini resorts, or ‘Tourist Parks’. Caravan Parks could offer all or a mixture of permanent onsite caravans that can be available for short or a long term. Some caravan sites can be used as powered and unpowered parks for visiting caravans, camping sites and even onsite self contained cabins. Caravan parks always contain an useful block including a shared toilet and bathroom facilities as well as a laundry. Many will also include a camp kitchen, BBQ’s, swimming pools, open fire places and even a kids’ play grounds.


I hope that you’ll find this information very useful and you’ll choose the best Albury Accommodation for you.