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ALBURY MOTELS – What motels really are!

The term “motel” is associated with shady deals and one or two hour rests in the middle of nowhere on the way to a bigger town.


Let’s start with the origin of this term and see how it was made. “Motel” is actually a portmanteau, derived from the classification “motorist hotel,” a quick-stop place or a hotel for motorists who are traveling on long destinations and need some rest. Motels are usually right by the roads and offer wide parking space. Usually located by the side of major roads, these places are inexpensive and they can offer every necessity for the transient stay.


The term Motel entered  intense usage around World War II and was officially placed into dictionaries around the same time. It is a very common term that was first accommodated in the USA with the increased building of freeways and the boom of the automobile industry. At that time, a lot of people loved traveling and when taking a long trip the travelers were stopping by to get some rest, some good food or a couple of hours of sleep before getting along their way. Once the freeways were built in  America, car travel boomed so this encouraged people to go on extended road trips which made the Motels more visited.


The difference between a classic hotel and a motel is quite clear. Hotels are usually situated in urban areas offering a longer stay or a vacation for their guests and motels on the other hand are out of the urban places  offering travelers to stay a night and take the rest for further traveling.

Just like the hotels,  motels also have themed decoration associated to the geographical location they are situated in so this is another similarity between them. Very good example of this kind of motels are the Australian. Wodonga Motels are in the great area of Albury and have a slight incorporation of local marks incorporated into their unique interior design making them warm and approachable. Another excellent example are American rural motels which incorporates the marks and the specially items of Native Americans to present the spirit of a history and the spirit of the place they are situated in.


These intimate places on the side of the roads have grown to present comfort and attraction for longer vacations over time. Today they are not  just  places to stop by and get some rest,  but are great places to spend a whole vacation at a very low cost close to national parks and natural attractions.


So the motel developed over time along with the travelers needs and that is a positive sign as a result of the good hotel industry.  Albury Accommodation is a  typical example of how motel should look like.