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ALBURY ACCOMMODATION – Attractions you can visit if you stay at Wodonga Motels (Part 2)

In my previous article I mentioned just a few attractions in Wodonga, so in this article I want to try to finish what I’ve started. Wodonga is a nice place and it’s located near the border of the Australian states Victoria and New South Wales and just 4 miles from its twin city Albury. If you drive from Sydney to Melbourne you will probably drive through this town and maybe you’ll stop to get some rest or maybe you’ll stay at some of the Wodonga Motels, because these motels are closer and great to relax in. In Wodonga there are some really nice places so there is no need to wait to travel from Sydney to Melbourne to visit those places.


Wodonga Races

If you are fan of horse racing this is the place that you should visit. At the Murray region there is great racing hub. The race season starts in August, seven days through the whole year. The racetrack circumference is at 1700 meters so pick a favorite horse and bet on it or if you are not so much of a gambler you can watch and enjoy the race.


Murray River Canoe Hire

Murray River with its length of less than 1.5 thousand miles is the longest river in Australia and it is a natural border between NSW and Victoria. Wodonga with Albury together, form the largest settlement on the Murray River. If you’re enjoy canoeing and river traveling you can hire a canoe or a houseboat and have so much fun.



Only 20 minutes car drive will take you to Albury Wodonga Paintball. It’s located at Table Top Mountain. Having wonderul time is guaranteed, of course if you are person who likes shooting and action.


Ettamogah Pub

Ettamogah Pub started as a cartoon and was created by Ken Maynard for the Australian Post Magazine. The very first pub is located ten kilometers North of Albury. The idea of this pub is to be isolated thus creating a new and special pub culture like you have never seen in Australia before. These pubs are highly visited each year which makes these pubs a main attraction of the region. The name Ettamogah has become more of a brand for pubs than anything else.


With this many places to visit, Wodonga or Albury Motels will come in handy and make your experience much more pleasant and give you an edge on your travels.