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Have an adventurous vacation and harmonious moments while visiting Australia and find the best Hotel Accommodation Australia wide

CANBERRA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Canberra / Part 3

Canberra – the greatest city Australia wide, the capital of the Australians. As admiration for its nation today Canberra stood proudly showing the past and future in one place. As many people would say “Canberra is a monument of the culture, art and amusement as well.” This saying is entirely justified and anyone could confirm its truthfulness a factor that will entice you to visit Canberra.


There are many places to be visited in Canberra and many Canberra Accommodation places to stay in. Tall Trees Canberra Hotel / Motel (a part of the Best Western Tall Trees Motel) is one of the many Canberra Hotels and Canberra Motels that this city can offer. The hotel offers its premises for enjoyable and peaceful vacation for all ages and will continue to guide you through the Canberra city and its beauties.


The gardens are a symbol for this city. The Australian National Botanic Gardens and Cockington Green Gardens are an evidence of that. Besides the gardens, the National parks represent Canberra too. Thus, Namadgi National Park has the power to confirm this state. Located at the North of the Australian Alps this park covers about forty five percents of the Australian Capital Territory and is approximately fifty minutes drive trip starting from the Canberra city. For everyone who enjoys nature and landscape drives, this park is a perfect place. The flora and fauna of the park are their ornaments and their observation is a real pleasure. Further, horse riding, fishing and mountain biking are some of the activities you can enjoy. You can experience the birdlife of the park along amazing bushwalks. If you are not familiar with this place at all or you haven’t been on a visit for a long time there is an informative visitors centre which is located in thirty kilometers from Canberra.  There you can get all the information you need for this place and enjoy in guided walks from local rangers. Planning a picnic and a visit to the Namadgi National park would be perfect.


The Canberra Motel / Hotel – Best Western Tall Trees Motel has one of the best accommodations in Canberra. It is open for all age passengers, business people, executives and families. Aside from the daily noise this hotel will give you a pleasant and peaceful place to rest and relax. One holiday weekend, whole week vacation or even a day rest will charge your body and brain with fresh energy.  Learn more about the accommodation packages that this hotel offers and experience the advantages of the amusement that offer the same.


Enjoy your holidays while visiting Canberra.


Have the best Canberra Accommodation while visiting Canberra and accommodate at the Tall Trees Canberra Hotel.