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Have an adventurous vacation and harmonious moments while visiting Australia and find the best Hotel Accommodation Australia wide

Canberra Accommodation – Enjoy sport match while you Accommodate in Canberra

As the capital of Australia, Canberra is one of the world’s only planned cities. It was planned to minimize the heat after federation was formed on which city will be the capital Sydney or Melbourne. It is a vibrant, active city that is situated in a park, with an assortment of amazing experiences and colours that change from season to season. Canberra can be very hot in summer and extremely cold in winter. In fact it could be the coldest city in winter in Australia.


With a population of 347,000, Canberra is the perfect base from which to discover some of the treasures throughout the region. This is an inland region and most tourists will be really stunned although most of them visit Australia for the coastal beauty. It offers great attractions, fun for the family, a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars, boutique shopping, plus a range of accommodation establishments.


CANBERRA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Canberra / Part 4

Canberra is a city with well-known strong architecture. There are many buildings to be seen starting from the grand Parliament house finishing with the Black Mountain Tower or other known Telstra Tower. If you are curious and want to take a look at the Canberra’s past, then you can go at the Calthorpe’s House. From there you would see how Canberra’s citizens have lived in the twenties of the 19 century.


The parks and gardens are the other strong feature of this city. The Namadgi National Park and Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve are magnificent places that let you enjoy bushwalking and cycling.


Therefore, the Tall Trees Canberra Hotel (a part of the Best Western) will guide you through Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. In fact this hotel advises you inevitably to take a tour through this nature and enjoy in the pleasure that is given.



CANBERRA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Canberra / Part 3

Canberra – the greatest city Australia wide, the capital of the Australians. As admiration for its nation today Canberra stood proudly showing the past and future in one place. As many people would say “Canberra is a monument of the culture, art and amusement as well.” This saying is entirely justified and anyone could confirm its truthfulness a factor that will entice you to visit Canberra.


There are many places to be visited in Canberra and many Canberra Accommodation places to stay in. Tall Trees Canberra Hotel / Motel (a part of the Best Western Tall Trees Motel) is one of the many Canberra Hotels and Canberra Motels that this city can offer. The hotel offers its premises for enjoyable and peaceful vacation for all ages and will continue to guide you through the Canberra city and its beauties.


CANBERRA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Canberra / Part 2

Canberra is a place where you can see and gain more knowledge about Australia than any other place in the world. From history to living present, Canberra offers not only knowledge but also entertainment and joyful holiday for all ages.


When you decide to visit Canberra you don’t have to worry  about Canberra Accommodation since there are plenty of Canberra Hotels, Canberra Motels that offer relaxed and comfortable lodging. Tall Trees Canberra Hotel (one of the Best Western Australian Hotels) offers a pleasant and peaceful accommodation to families and business people. This time, Canberra Hotel will guide you to some of the beauties that Canberra city offers.



CANBERRA ACCOMMODATION– Enjoy your holidays while visiting Canberra / Part 1

Canberra is the largest inland city in Australia. All citizens of Canberra are proud that are living in this beautiful city with architectural and landscape design therefore Canberra earned the title “bush capital”.


Canberra, as the capital home of Australia possesses the Parliament House, High Court and many national institution of social and cultural significance like:  Australian national university, National Library, National Museum, National Gallery, Australian War Memorial, Australian Institute of Sport. Also the Australian Defense Force Academy is situated in Canberra along with the Royall military College, Dynatron. There are plenty of attractions for travelers and visitors. Even if someone enjoys a full day tour around Canberra, it is impossible to visit and see everything that this city has to offer. Thus, Canberra offers you to stay in one of many Canberra Accommodation (Canberra Hotels to Canberra Motels) places where one can stay and have a relaxing lodging.