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Have an adventurous vacation and harmonious moments while visiting Australia and find the best Hotel Accommodation Australia wide

Port Macquarie Accommodation – How To Have An Active Holiday

When searching for an appropriate Port Macquarie Accommodation you really have to consider what kind of holiday would you like to have. Generally there two kinds of people. The ones that just spend their holidays laying arround and having taste of the local cuisine and beverages and generally enjoying not having anything to do. The other hand is the ones that want to enjoy an active holiday to the full and today we will be discussing the option that Port Macquarie is offering to the second group of holiday lovers



Radical surfing is one of the top reasons many people book hotels in this area. You’ll find many surf friendly accommodation and hotel here many within walking distance from the beach. Point Plomer and Saltwater Point are two of the highest rated surf spots in the area – Bonny Hills, North Shore and Southies are all great on different days as well.



You can either hire your own Kayaks or go on a kayaking tour in the Hastings River at Port Macquarie. If you get a guide for this activity, you will have a chance to see a lot of things that newbies to the area would otherwise miss.


Canberra Accommodation – Enjoy sport match while you Accommodate in Canberra

As the capital of Australia, Canberra is one of the world’s only planned cities. It was planned to minimize the heat after federation was formed on which city will be the capital Sydney or Melbourne. It is a vibrant, active city that is situated in a park, with an assortment of amazing experiences and colours that change from season to season. Canberra can be very hot in summer and extremely cold in winter. In fact it could be the coldest city in winter in Australia.


With a population of 347,000, Canberra is the perfect base from which to discover some of the treasures throughout the region. This is an inland region and most tourists will be really stunned although most of them visit Australia for the coastal beauty. It offers great attractions, fun for the family, a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars, boutique shopping, plus a range of accommodation establishments.


PARRAMATTA ACCOMMODATION – Must see attractions in Parramatta city

Parramatta is a region of stylish parks, with a lively community and a centre for shopping, sport, commerce and entertainment. It should be on your to-go list when visiting Australia. Parramatta is home to some of Australia’s major corporations and government agencies. It is equally the demographic heart of the Harbor City and one of its most historic neighborhoods. Because of the coastal showers, the climate is warmer and drier than Sydney. The summer months can be really hot and the winter nights can be moderately cool.


One of the best parks in Parramatta that is a must-see when visiting Parramatta is the Prince Alfred Park. Prince Alfred Park is located in lower Surry Hills, and is surrounded by Chalmers Street, Cleveland Street and Central Railway. The first Agricultural Society was held here in 1869. The following year, Prince Alfred Park was the first park to be laid out in relation with a major Australian exhibition, the intercolonian exhibition.  This park is a significant element of the city’s open space network, forming the Southern area of a North-South corridor between Green Square and the Botanic Gardens.


PORT MACQUARIE ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Port Macquarie / Part 4

Port Macquarie is the core of Australia’s Holiday Coast. If someone asks you which place is the water paradise on the Australian continent, do not doubt to answer “That place is Port Macquarie”. As all the peace has gathered on this place. The noise of the water waves and quiet wind is only interrupted by the dolphins’ joy and whale’s jumps. When looking to the beaches you will feel as you are embraced by a water beauty.


When summer comes, the people’s laugh becomes a characteristic for Port Macquarie beaches. The Quality Inn HW Boutique – one of the many Port Macquarie Hotels is a  witness of this happening. It is Quality Inn HW Boutique’s pleasure to guide you through Port Macquarie’s places and beaches. This time he will introduce to you the Lighthouse Beach and Rainbow Beach.



CANBERRA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Canberra / Part 4

Canberra is a city with well-known strong architecture. There are many buildings to be seen starting from the grand Parliament house finishing with the Black Mountain Tower or other known Telstra Tower. If you are curious and want to take a look at the Canberra’s past, then you can go at the Calthorpe’s House. From there you would see how Canberra’s citizens have lived in the twenties of the 19 century.


The parks and gardens are the other strong feature of this city. The Namadgi National Park and Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve are magnificent places that let you enjoy bushwalking and cycling.


Therefore, the Tall Trees Canberra Hotel (a part of the Best Western) will guide you through Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. In fact this hotel advises you inevitably to take a tour through this nature and enjoy in the pleasure that is given.



NEWCASTLE ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Newcastle / Part 2

Newcastle is a constituted city with many historic places. With so many places to be visited at this city, it is said that there is no a Newcastle holiday where its citizens aren’t in a visit to some of its historic places. The opportunities for fun are wide ranging from recreational to educational.


If someone wants to see much joy at one place, he/she won’t regret if he/she choose the Newcastle, advises the Newcastle Hotel – Quality Hotel Apollo International. This hotel has started a retail adventure for you while guiding you trough the Newcastle’s beauties. For those of you that want a pleasant rest and adventurous holiday, this hotel offer its premises and provide best quality Newcastle accommodation.



NEWCASTLE ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Newcastle / Part 1

Newcastle was discovered by Europeans in 1797. Today Newcastle is developed to a metropolis with all attributes needed for today’s’ modern people. Even though Newcastle is not that old (200 years of history), many of its building’s architecture remind of a place with hundreds years of history behind itself.


Now, Newcastle is on the second place in New South Wales by its populated inhabitants and very famous destinations for its locals in the summer months. Its beauty has been seen by many people and therefore the Quality Hotel Apollo International – Part of Choice Hotels Australia wants to guide you through its prettiness. This hotel that is located right in the heart of Charlestown and ten minutes South from the Newcastle CBD can provide you with an easy way in to the town and beaches as well.



CANBERRA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Canberra / Part 3

Canberra – the greatest city Australia wide, the capital of the Australians. As admiration for its nation today Canberra stood proudly showing the past and future in one place. As many people would say “Canberra is a monument of the culture, art and amusement as well.” This saying is entirely justified and anyone could confirm its truthfulness a factor that will entice you to visit Canberra.


There are many places to be visited in Canberra and many Canberra Accommodation places to stay in. Tall Trees Canberra Hotel / Motel (a part of the Best Western Tall Trees Motel) is one of the many Canberra Hotels and Canberra Motels that this city can offer. The hotel offers its premises for enjoyable and peaceful vacation for all ages and will continue to guide you through the Canberra city and its beauties.


PORT MACQUARIE ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Port Macquarie / Part 3

With all the beauties that Port Macquarie has, the beaches are those that give this place a magnificent look and feel. With many beaches to choose from, Port Macquarie is indeed a right place to spent your holiday vacation and enjoy in the clear ocean water while swimming, surfing or fishing.


Therefore the Quality Inn HW Boutique – a  Port Macquarie Hotel has started to guide you through these delightful beaches as a place where you could have the most wonderful memorable vacation. Furthermore, this hotel offers one among the best Port Macquarie Accommodation on the beautiful NSW north coast.

PARRAMATTA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Parramatta / Part 4

Someone may know and someone may not know that Parramatta city is the second place (the first one is Sydney) where a European settlement was built on the Australian continent. Even though Parramatta was subjected to many historical changes that can be noted in  today’s multicultural community, it is known that Parramatta is now  somewhat a modern and an elegant city. The truth is that this city has one of the biggest industrial corporations Australia wide and many government agencies.


The fact is that Parramatta is an industrial as well as a political city which doesn’t undermine its entertaining and touristic features. Among many existing Hotels in Parramatta, Hotels in Homebush, the Clarion Hotel on the Park  in Sydney started to guide you through the city and its historical, cultural and natural beauties. This time we present the Lennox Bridge, a construction monument of a very high state significance.