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Have an adventurous vacation and harmonious moments while visiting Australia and find the best Hotel Accommodation Australia wide

Hotel Parramatta for your top quality vacation

In the state of New South Wales, Parramatta is located in Greater Western Sydney and frequently is so-called Sydney’s “second central business district”. Its aboriginal culture name originates from “Baramada” which means “head of waters” or the place where eels lie down. Multitude of eels and other sea beings till this day are attracted by the nutrients produced in the mixed profusion of saltwater and freshwater of Pork Jackson and Parramatta River. Besides the fact that Parramatta is a major business and commercial center, also has to offer natural beauties such as forests, parks, the Lake, places of adoration: the Church Street, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Uniting Church, the Synagogue, the Buddhist temple, the Hindu temples and other great attractions. As a suitable bio climate tourist region Parramatta accommodation offers excellent hotels to accommodate in. So, where do you retreat and stay while you visit Parramatta?

Choosing and booking the hotel that can satisfy your needs can be complicated and time-wasting. Making the right decision which hotel will suit for you and money is truly the most significant whether this can make or break your vacation.

-Quality and price probably will be the key concern and consideration on your search for the right Hotel Parramatta accommodation. You sure want your accommodation to fit into your travel budget. Therefore you should pay attention and do a research, so you will come up with the top choice when you make the reservation. (more…)

Parramatta Accommodation – Parramatta Tourist Attractions

When visiting g Sydney, make sure you find the best Parramatta Accommodation to make your stay comfortable and most welcoming. If you can settle in some of the best Hotels in Parramatta, then you will have a chance to see many of the great tourist attractions and great activities so you can get some rest, but also be entertained. So let’s see what can be on your disposal while visiting Sydney.

Rosehill Gardens

One of the most peaceful and relaxing places you can visit and enjoy is Rosenhill Gardens. Placed in the heart of Sydney, this place has everything you need for your next special holiday, business or family dinner, exhibition, trade show or conference. This place is a very easy spot to get to since it has direct access from its own railway station, plus 5000 free parking spots on site. True to it’s name, Rosehill Gardens is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, and it offers a number of different spaces for you to create the event you want. (more…)

Hotel Parramatta – Discover the Sydney Olympic Park

Parramatta is a lively place where its inhabitants are proud to live in. It proudly exists not  only because the city has today’s has contemporary look as modern and economically well developed one,  but because of its past and many cultures that have shaped the city’s face and gave it the eclectic beauty as many Parramatta’s citizens would say.


With many beauty abundant, Parramatta is perceived as a vibrant city with rich calendar of events and festivals to visit, tasty food, pubs and clubs for amusement, theatres, movies and inevitable the sport activities.


For any traveler that wants to experience the Parramatta, there is the Hotel Parramatta – Clarion Hotel on the Park in Sydney and Hotels Homebush prepared to guide you through the beauties of the city by retelling its treasures. This time we will discover the Sydney Olympic Park, a place surprises with beauty and style and may take your breath away.


PARRAMATTA ACCOMMODATION – Must see attractions in Parramatta city

Parramatta is a region of stylish parks, with a lively community and a centre for shopping, sport, commerce and entertainment. It should be on your to-go list when visiting Australia. Parramatta is home to some of Australia’s major corporations and government agencies. It is equally the demographic heart of the Harbor City and one of its most historic neighborhoods. Because of the coastal showers, the climate is warmer and drier than Sydney. The summer months can be really hot and the winter nights can be moderately cool.


One of the best parks in Parramatta that is a must-see when visiting Parramatta is the Prince Alfred Park. Prince Alfred Park is located in lower Surry Hills, and is surrounded by Chalmers Street, Cleveland Street and Central Railway. The first Agricultural Society was held here in 1869. The following year, Prince Alfred Park was the first park to be laid out in relation with a major Australian exhibition, the intercolonian exhibition.  This park is a significant element of the city’s open space network, forming the Southern area of a North-South corridor between Green Square and the Botanic Gardens.


PARRAMATTA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Parramatta / Part 4

Someone may know and someone may not know that Parramatta city is the second place (the first one is Sydney) where a European settlement was built on the Australian continent. Even though Parramatta was subjected to many historical changes that can be noted in  today’s multicultural community, it is known that Parramatta is now  somewhat a modern and an elegant city. The truth is that this city has one of the biggest industrial corporations Australia wide and many government agencies.


The fact is that Parramatta is an industrial as well as a political city which doesn’t undermine its entertaining and touristic features. Among many existing Hotels in Parramatta, Hotels in Homebush, the Clarion Hotel on the Park  in Sydney started to guide you through the city and its historical, cultural and natural beauties. This time we present the Lennox Bridge, a construction monument of a very high state significance.



PARRAMATTA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Parramatta / Part 3

Parramatta City was developed back in the past. When you see its history tracks, you will agree that they look like fresh marks that have been made yesterday. The best way to feel this excitement is to walk around the city and pause in front of the same historic attraction that аref from the past.


For any traveler that wants to learn more about Parramatta, there is the Hotel Parramatta – Clarion Hotel on the Park in Sydney and Hotels Homebush prepared to guide you through the beauties of the city . This hotel says “Many things to be seen, many places to be visited, many memories to be experienced – that is Parramatta city.”



PARRAMATTA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Parramatta / Part 2


Parramatta is a place where the history and the present have crossed their ways. Abounded in the nature beauties and the modern events, Parramatta today holds the name as a historic modern city Australia wide.


One of the many beauties this city has is the Parramatta Park – one of the best cultural landscapes of Australia. Its history is the story of the nation and is one of the largest parks in Western Sydney. This awesome Park is located on the Parramatta River on a small hill overlooking the City of  Parramatta and it is a must see for visitors to Sydney.



PARRAMATTA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Parramatta / Part 1

Parramatta is the largest city in New South West after Sydney CBD. It is a center of activity, commerce and transportation along with historical past and a focal point around which events revolve. Therefore Parramatta has become a symbol of historic modern city Australia wide.


Its existence is overpowered which comes from the historical heritage that Parramatta has. In the beginning Parramatta was populated with the indigenous Burramattagal people, then the land became a farming settlement with corn crops and livestock, raised so that today it has become a modern city built with community infrastructure where without them it can’t be imagined.