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Have an adventurous vacation and harmonious moments while visiting Australia and find the best Hotel Accommodation Australia wide

Port Macquarie Accommodation – How To Have An Active Holiday

When searching for an appropriate Port Macquarie Accommodation you really have to consider what kind of holiday would you like to have. Generally there two kinds of people. The ones that just spend their holidays laying arround and having taste of the local cuisine and beverages and generally enjoying not having anything to do. The other hand is the ones that want to enjoy an active holiday to the full and today we will be discussing the option that Port Macquarie is offering to the second group of holiday lovers



Radical surfing is one of the top reasons many people book hotels in this area. You’ll find many surf friendly accommodation and hotel here many within walking distance from the beach. Point Plomer and Saltwater Point are two of the highest rated surf spots in the area – Bonny Hills, North Shore and Southies are all great on different days as well.



You can either hire your own Kayaks or go on a kayaking tour in the Hastings River at Port Macquarie. If you get a guide for this activity, you will have a chance to see a lot of things that newbies to the area would otherwise miss.


PORT MACQUARIE ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Port Macquarie / Part 4

Port Macquarie is the core of Australia’s Holiday Coast. If someone asks you which place is the water paradise on the Australian continent, do not doubt to answer “That place is Port Macquarie”. As all the peace has gathered on this place. The noise of the water waves and quiet wind is only interrupted by the dolphins’ joy and whale’s jumps. When looking to the beaches you will feel as you are embraced by a water beauty.


When summer comes, the people’s laugh becomes a characteristic for Port Macquarie beaches. The Quality Inn HW Boutique – one of the many Port Macquarie Hotels is a  witness of this happening. It is Quality Inn HW Boutique’s pleasure to guide you through Port Macquarie’s places and beaches. This time he will introduce to you the Lighthouse Beach and Rainbow Beach.



PORT MACQUARIE ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Port Macquarie / Part 3

With all the beauties that Port Macquarie has, the beaches are those that give this place a magnificent look and feel. With many beaches to choose from, Port Macquarie is indeed a right place to spent your holiday vacation and enjoy in the clear ocean water while swimming, surfing or fishing.


Therefore the Quality Inn HW Boutique – a  Port Macquarie Hotel has started to guide you through these delightful beaches as a place where you could have the most wonderful memorable vacation. Furthermore, this hotel offers one among the best Port Macquarie Accommodation on the beautiful NSW north coast.

PORT MACQUARIE ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Port Macquarie / Part 2

Port Macquarie is a city of the koala’s population, yet a modern city of the future. The whole world knows about the beautiful beaches in Australia. In some countries it is summer today but for Australia it is winter. So when summer comes in Australia, people consider a holiday on the Australian beaches especially on the Port Macquarie’s beaches.


The beauty of the beaches is not only because of the beautiful sand but the clean water too. The dolphins and whales as the hosts of the Port Macquarie beaches are another reason not miss this prettiness.


With sixteen beaches in a Port Macquarie’s possession, this place offers more fun for people and dogs together than any other place since all eight beaches are dog friendly. With picnic areas, places to play cricket and certainly places for water sports (surfing, water skiing and ride on the jet boats) you will admit that on these beaches is a lot more fun than you can imagine. On the other hand, if you need an accommodation it would not be a problem since there are many Port Macquarie Accommodation places. The Quality Inn HW Boutique Hotel provides one of the best accommodations in the region and  will guide you through the most of the adorable beaches that belong to the city of Port Macquarie.


PORT MACQUARIE ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Port Macquarie / Part 1

Port Macquarie – an Australian city situated on the Mid North Coast of the New South Wales, North of Sydney and South of Brisbane is relatively populated with people and well known for its koalas population.


The Billabong Koala Park is a wildlife park and koala breeding centre that was opened in the 1989. This park features a large variety of Australian exotic animals, birds and reptiles and has over 50 species of animals. The Billabong Koala Park allows you to get close up to all of the animals. This park is excellent for barbecues and picnics so pack a picnic and enjoy in the awesome park.


Even the koalas take up a bigger place in the adventure that Port Macquarie offers, there is much that can be experienced in this place. If you worry about accommodation, you shouldn’t, because there are many Port Macquarie Accommodation places (Port Macquarie Hotels & Port Macquarie Motels) that offer a pleasant leisure.