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Have an adventurous vacation and harmonious moments while visiting Australia and find the best Hotel Accommodation Australia wide

Warrnambool accommodation – Book Your Hotel Accommodation and lounge at the very best serviced Hotels

Travel and Leisure – few tips for booking the best Warrnambool Accommodation Hotel!


Traveling nowadays is a way of life. Not only that we travel from private reasons but our work place often requires overnight stay or business visits to some other town. So if you travel a lot you surely need to stay in various overnight inns, usually such as hotels that offer the best services suitable to your requirements and needs. Although time consuming choosing the right accommodation Warrnambool is truly rewarding because it is the one and the only factor that can make your stay unforgettable in a hotel – form positive and negative point of view.


Discovering Warrnambool

While you are on your business trip or just visiting Warrnambool you have the occasion to explore and discover the magnificence that this place has to offer to the traveler. Warrnambool is one of the Great Ocean Roads amazement treats combining the beautiful coastal views with the lush Australian surroundings. Warrnambool’s rich history is overlaid against the continuously developing culture and the national values. Holiday Warrnambool Accommodation will offer you a taste of history as well as Victoria’s impressive landscapes. Warrnambool represents one of the major retail one-stop destinations in Victoria. It offers the Getaway Plaza shopping complex a short drive east of the CBD and it’s a place where you can find specialty home-wares and home accessory stores.



Warrnambool Accommodation – Experience Warrnambool and the events this place has to offer!

Tourist or just business visit? Warrnambool is a city in the south-western coast of the beautiful Victoria, it originates from the name of a volcanic cone with the meaning: the land between two rivers. Therefore if you are on a business trip or just passing by Warrnambool then you will need a proper accommodating Warrnambool with all the amenities and services offered. Warrnambool is a place with oceanic temperate climate with slightly cooler summer and bit warmer winter than Melbourne. Staying in one of the city’s hotels it means that you can enjoy in all of the city’s attractions, festivals or sport events that this town has to offer.


Warrnambool attracts approximately 700,000 visitors per year, and is a comprehensive regional service centre, a place that attracts so many tourists on yearly level and has developed tourism benefits from the great Ocean Road, and its nearby coast beaches usually used for surfing.


Warrnambool accommodation attracts lots of visitors due to its practicality and all of the needed facilities nearby like the Tullamarine Airport only 40 minutes’ drive the neighbor town from Melbourne, the City- circle tram, parks and other convenient stopover for the tourist. It is a city that offers to the tourist first class hotel accommodation well equipped and comfortable so that every person can be satisfied and use all of the services accessible.


So when traveling make sure you’ve decided on one of the Warrnambool Accommodations that offer 24/7 service, with in house hospitality services like dinner restaurants, bar or room service and various room or bed options like a single bed, family room, double king sized bedroom or the couples room. Some of the additional services and fautures that are offered by the hotels in and around the area are aerobic & fitness centre, tennis courts, spas,masagge center, indoor swimming pool, laundry services, beauty salon, conference rooms and outdoors bar for the sunny days.


Mackay Accommodation – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Mackay / Part 5

Mackay is a splendid and gorgeous place from where you see many of the highlights of Queensland. It is believed that this is a place blessed by nature, a paradise that has been created to gratify even the most demanding travellers. With too many attractions in Mackay’s possession it is known that there is something for everyone.


The Mackay Motel – Comfort Resort Blue Pacific provides through Mackay, therefore this time we will present the Beachcomber Cove Track. If you want to find a place that offers resting peace, be confident that this motel offers the best Mackay Accommodation around.



MACKAY ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Mackay / Part 4

Mackay is a city situated on the Еastern coast of Queensland in Australia. Many people refer to it as  part of either Central Queensland or North Queensland. There is still misunderstanding within the government  but services are being provided through both, North and Central Queensland.


Only a decade ago, Mackay was visited from under half million visitors annually , domestic and international as well but today this city has reached the number of three million visitors per year.


However, the tourism in Mackay is developed to a stage where Mackay from а small touristic place has grown in a touristic region with many notable facilities.


The Mackay Motel – Comfort Resort Blue Pacific enjoys in its tours that he provides  for you through Mackay,  therefore this time we will present  three new beaches : Grasstree beach, Salonika Beach and Sarina beach.


ALBURY MOTELS – Classification of Accommodation Types!

I believe this is a subject we all learn on the way and I suppose none of us has deeply wondered if they truly understand what accommodation styles really mean. So next time you want to plan your trip choosing Albury motels as a way of accommodation, remember to look over the types of accommodations they provide. I will go ahead and  describe most of the accommodation styles available on the market today.


Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfast or a popular “B&B” accommodation is a property that usually hosts the guests and the hotel owners under one roof. Often it may be a large family home that has been converted or especially build for the purpose. The guests are usually accommodated in large bedrooms with their own bathrooms but it may happen that the bathroom has to be shared. The owners usually live within a different part of the “B&B” and breakfast is made freshly every morning by them.


MACKAY ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Mackay / Part 3

MACKAY ACCOMMODATION - Comfort Resort Blue Pacific

By producing one third of the nations’ sugar crop Mackay is a city known as the Sugar Capital and it proudly wears this name. This fact  makes Mackay an industrial and touristic city as well. In previous articles the mentioned beauties are only few of the enormous natural beauty that Mackay has.


The Mackay Motel – Comfort Resort Blue Pacific started to guide you through the Mackay’s beaches. The Lamberts Beach, Harbour Beach, Armstrong Beach and Blacks Beach are few of the many beaches that belong to the Mackay region. This time, the  Mackay Motel will guide you through the Coconut Beach, Gap Beach and Eimeo Beach.


MACKAY ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Mackay / Part 2

Mackay as an overwhelming city flourished with natural beauties and man-made attractions became and is an ideal place where you can break your journey and have a pleasant and relaxing holiday.


With so many nature and buildings, it is hard to decide  where to start the exciting journey through Mackay. Since there are many places to be seen, you can enjoy in the Mackay Motels – Comfort Resort Blue Pacific which  guides you through the Mackay’s beaches. It is known that Mackay has 31 beaches that can be visited and explored one every day for a month.



ALBURY MOTELS – What motels really are!

The term “motel” is associated with shady deals and one or two hour rests in the middle of nowhere on the way to a bigger town.


Let’s start with the origin of this term and see how it was made. “Motel” is actually a portmanteau, derived from the classification “motorist hotel,” a quick-stop place or a hotel for motorists who are traveling on long destinations and need some rest. Motels are usually right by the roads and offer wide parking space. Usually located by the side of major roads, these places are inexpensive and they can offer every necessity for the transient stay.



MACKAY ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Mackay / Part 1

Someone said that Mackay is the heart of Queensland. Abounded with magnificent tropical beauties, it became one of the most preferred places for holidays as a reason of its unrivaled gorgeousness. A quiet and peaceful place with a superior weather climate every time of the year, Mackay nurtures an exotic natural world. Its flora and the fauna range from the platypus and the dugong to very rare birds and butterflies.


The Mackay’s thirty one beaches give you the pleasure to enjoy  every day in their uniqueness. It is very unique because every time you visit one of them you have the same excitement as the fist time you went on that beach. The scenic landscapes with their coastal portray and amazing waterfalls make you feel as you are far from the living word. No words can describe this beauty. No picture or story is enough to tell this magnificence. Only the living experience could give you the gorgeous memories and excitement that will last forever.



ALBURY ACCOMMODATION – Take the needed vacation

Albury City is a favourite destination in Australia. When you want to get away from all the city mayhem and you want some peace and quiet yet very interesting and fun activities you should visit Albury and find the best Albury Accommodation. There are many sightseeing places and also many structured activities you can see and participate in while visiting Albury. Albury’s attraction may be numerous but are close to one another making them easy to explore on foot.


Only minutes away you can find a theater, art galleries and the Library Museum which is constantly hosting regular exhibitions from various artists in many different art fields. Since Albury is blessed with moderate climate, average of 31C or 87F, you can enjoy sporting activities, swimming, jet skiing, bushwalking and just spending the day in the outdoors. At night, the temperature drops down a little bit, around 15C or 59F so it is perfect temperature to enjoy barbecue.