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Have an adventurous vacation and harmonious moments while visiting Australia and find the best Hotel Accommodation Australia wide

ALBURY MOTELS – Classification of Accommodation Types!

I believe this is a subject we all learn on the way and I suppose none of us has deeply wondered if they truly understand what accommodation styles really mean. So next time you want to plan your trip choosing Albury motels as a way of accommodation, remember to look over the types of accommodations they provide. I will go ahead and  describe most of the accommodation styles available on the market today.


Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfast or a popular “B&B” accommodation is a property that usually hosts the guests and the hotel owners under one roof. Often it may be a large family home that has been converted or especially build for the purpose. The guests are usually accommodated in large bedrooms with their own bathrooms but it may happen that the bathroom has to be shared. The owners usually live within a different part of the “B&B” and breakfast is made freshly every morning by them.


ALBURY MOTELS – What motels really are!

The term “motel” is associated with shady deals and one or two hour rests in the middle of nowhere on the way to a bigger town.


Let’s start with the origin of this term and see how it was made. “Motel” is actually a portmanteau, derived from the classification “motorist hotel,” a quick-stop place or a hotel for motorists who are traveling on long destinations and need some rest. Motels are usually right by the roads and offer wide parking space. Usually located by the side of major roads, these places are inexpensive and they can offer every necessity for the transient stay.



ALBURY ACCOMMODATION – Take the needed vacation

Albury City is a favourite destination in Australia. When you want to get away from all the city mayhem and you want some peace and quiet yet very interesting and fun activities you should visit Albury and find the best Albury Accommodation. There are many sightseeing places and also many structured activities you can see and participate in while visiting Albury. Albury’s attraction may be numerous but are close to one another making them easy to explore on foot.


Only minutes away you can find a theater, art galleries and the Library Museum which is constantly hosting regular exhibitions from various artists in many different art fields. Since Albury is blessed with moderate climate, average of 31C or 87F, you can enjoy sporting activities, swimming, jet skiing, bushwalking and just spending the day in the outdoors. At night, the temperature drops down a little bit, around 15C or 59F so it is perfect temperature to enjoy barbecue.



ALBURY ACCOMMODATION – Feel the Southern Riverina environment

When traveling from Sydney to Melbourne, most travelers have to pass through Albury and Wodonga. Although many use these places as a pit stop to refresh and gather new energy for the road ahead without realising what is offered in the Southern Riverina. So instead of just passing by, I suggest that you make an overnight stop and enjoy the region’s natural wealth.


The ever increasing tourism in this region has pushed many hoteliers in the region to strive and be the best in the hospitality industry. To find proper Albury Accommodation you need to look at all possible aspects of what makes a great hotel. In Albury you will find many budget hotels, resorts, bed and breakfast and many self contained houses and apartments. You will also find exceptional motels and service.



ALBURY ACCOMMODATION – Attractions you can visit if you stay at Wodonga Motels (Part 2)

In my previous article I mentioned just a few attractions in Wodonga, so in this article I want to try to finish what I’ve started. Wodonga is a nice place and it’s located near the border of the Australian states Victoria and New South Wales and just 4 miles from its twin city Albury. If you drive from Sydney to Melbourne you will probably drive through this town and maybe you’ll stop to get some rest or maybe you’ll stay at some of the Wodonga Motels, because these motels are closer and great to relax in. In Wodonga there are some really nice places so there is no need to wait to travel from Sydney to Melbourne to visit those places.


Wodonga Races

If you are fan of horse racing this is the place that you should visit. At the Murray region there is great racing hub. The race season starts in August, seven days through the whole year. The racetrack circumference is at 1700 meters so pick a favorite horse and bet on it or if you are not so much of a gambler you can watch and enjoy the race.



ALBURY ACCOMMODATION – Attractions you can visit if you stay at Wodonga Motels (Part 1)

Wodonga is a beautiful place to visit. No matter if you go with a reason or you  just decided to go because you have heard of the beauties that this place offers, you have a great opportunity to see the attractions of this town. There are a few Wodonga Motels that will make you enjoy while visiting Wodonga.


In this article I’ll mention some of the attractions that can be explored if you are accommodated in some of the Wodonga Motels.


Bandiana Army Museum

This is one of the biggest army museums in whole Australia. The oldest collection is from the 1863 and that’s the year of first war that Australia was involved in. The museum contains more than a 160 army vehicles, lots of guns, male and female uniforms from different time periods.