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MACKAY ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Mackay / Part 4

Mackay is a city situated on the Еastern coast of Queensland in Australia. Many people refer to it as  part of either Central Queensland or North Queensland. There is still misunderstanding within the government  but services are being provided through both, North and Central Queensland.


Only a decade ago, Mackay was visited from under half million visitors annually , domestic and international as well but today this city has reached the number of three million visitors per year.


However, the tourism in Mackay is developed to a stage where Mackay from а small touristic place has grown in a touristic region with many notable facilities.


The Mackay Motel – Comfort Resort Blue Pacific enjoys in its tours that he provides  for you through Mackay,  therefore this time we will present  three new beaches : Grasstree beach, Salonika Beach and Sarina beach.


A place that is famous from the past where the gold was found in the hills is the Grasstree beach – a magnificent place rounded by islands. This beach having a suitable climate for daily walks makes this beach favorite for activities. Further, the fishing has become a main pastime activity. More, the beach location – situated on Zelma Bay and ten to fifteen minutes’ drive from Sarina, makes this place favorable for holidays and picnic makers where the fish is the main meal.


Not very far from the above beach is the Sarina Beach. Since there is only а few minutes drive from Sarina to the Sarina Beach, it is supposed that this beach got its name exactly by the location. With many  Surf Lifesaving Clubs, boat ramps picnic areas, store places, availability for fishing and boating,  makes this beach attractive not only for tourists but fishermen as well.


North from Sarina is  the charming Salonika Beach. With  many hosts this beach has  the rare sightings of loggerhead turtles, the sea eagles, echidnas, bush turkeys and certainly the seasonal whales and dolphins. Аll of these things make this beach very fascinating as no one can imagine so much beauty аt one place. Since all of these gorgeous things аre gathered on one place, the Sarina residents  have restaurants  and places where visitors can accommodate in and  enjoy in the beauty.


Other things that can be seen near this beach is the coal. There are also the Hay Point and Dalrymple Bay Coal terminals which are the principal coal export capacity in the Southern Hemisphere. In addition, the access to go visit these two coal exports is the beach.


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Experience the inexperienced while visiting Mackay.


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