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MACKAY ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Mackay / Part 3

MACKAY ACCOMMODATION - Comfort Resort Blue Pacific

By producing one third of the nations’ sugar crop Mackay is a city known as the Sugar Capital and it proudly wears this name. This fact  makes Mackay an industrial and touristic city as well. In previous articles the mentioned beauties are only few of the enormous natural beauty that Mackay has.


The Mackay Motel – Comfort Resort Blue Pacific started to guide you through the Mackay’s beaches. The Lamberts Beach, Harbour Beach, Armstrong Beach and Blacks Beach are few of the many beaches that belong to the Mackay region. This time, the  Mackay Motel will guide you through the Coconut Beach, Gap Beach and Eimeo Beach.


A beach with a very attractive name that associates exactly to a beach, summer and islands is the Coconut Beach or otherwise known as Boat Port Circuit. Maybe this name is given only because it is the approaching way to the beach. Therefore, you can walk this path as a circuit or as a separate section to either Coconut Beach or to Boat Port. The eucalyptus forest and the rainforest are the magnificent part of this place. For bird lovers, the eucalyptus forest gives an amazing pleasure for bird spotting. Going down to the beach you will feel the sand and its scrubbing effect to your feet. The other part – Boat Port, is a place where you can see the remains of the boat port that has been used from the family of Nicolson during the construction of the resort.


Another beach that would stay in your thoughts after visiting is the Gap Beach. This beach is located on Lindeman Island or more precisely in the South part of the Great Barrier Reef Islands in the Whitsundays. This reef is actually the largest coral reef in the world (in the Coral Sea of the northeastern coast of Australia). The path to get to the Gap Beach is by passing through a eucalyptus forest and even more through a rainforest valley. This journey to the beach through the forests makes everyone feel as he is going from one world to another. Arriving to the beach you can see the small pebbles spread around and the rocky foreshore surroundings.


Another very popular beach is the Eimeo Beach and Sunset Bay. Preferred by fishermen this beach is an ideal place for picnic activities. With many shaded places and picnic areas this place has became favorable for the locals as well.


For everyone  that looks for enjoyment and relaxation while visiting Mackay, the Mackay Motel – Comfort Resort Blue Pacific provides one of the best Mackay Accommodation and can give the best time to anyone. This is one of the Mackay Motels that provides the comfort and hospitality every youth and businessman seek on their holiday time. With the Spa Suite rooms, this place is ideal for executive guests and those on honeymoon.


Experience the inexperienced while visiting Mackay.


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