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Mackay Accommodation – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Mackay / Part 5

Mackay is a splendid and gorgeous place from where you see many of the highlights of Queensland. It is believed that this is a place blessed by nature, a paradise that has been created to gratify even the most demanding travellers. With too many attractions in Mackay’s possession it is known that there is something for everyone.


The Mackay Motel – Comfort Resort Blue Pacific provides through Mackay, therefore this time we will present the Beachcomber Cove Track. If you want to find a place that offers resting peace, be confident that this motel offers the best Mackay Accommodation around.


The Beachcomber Cove Track is described as a track that starts from the northern end of the Cape Hillsborough picnic area and ends in Beachcomber Cove. For your trip to be even more interesting while you are heading this track we will convert your attention to the beautiful forest, a beautiful eucalypt and remnant rainforest that abundant with hoop pine, ferns and vines. When you rich the top of the ridge you would be astonished by the beautiful lookout that you will find there.


The shortness of the track – 3.2 kilometers (1.5 hours walk) encourages even those that are not fond of walking. When they hear about the walk highlands that this place has, what rock-strewn sandy beaches it possess that are characterized with crystal clear water, then the subtropical rainforest and the mangrove-fringed wetlands, all of them are pleasantly surprised. And when the wild kangaroo population is mentioned, the travelers get a much realistic picture about this place. Everytime a newcomer visits the track he is certain that he would love to experience this place again and again.
However there are things that you must be aware ofwhen coming here. First, be cautious of Estuarine crocodiles that are present in these waters and box jellyfish that live in the sea in the period from October to May. Further, inevitably carry drinking water with you and protect yourself from insects.


The best periods to walk this place are the months between April and September only because of the extremes in the weather – extremely wet and extremely dry weather.


Someone may think that this place is wild but actually it is well equipped with public toilet, barbeque facilities and has been installed access and assistance for the disabled.


Beside the walking as a main activity for this place, the birdwatching can became your favorite time spend when you are visiting the Beachcomber Cove Track.


For those who want to be experience this pleasant part of Australia, the Comfort Resort Blue Pacific could provide you with the best Mackay accommodation and make your vacation pleasurable and peaceful. For couples or business travelers this Mackay motel provides a compact motel style unit called Aspatria. Be convinced in the high quality services that this motel offers and have an enjoyable vacation.


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