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PARRAMATTA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Parramatta / Part 3

Parramatta City was developed back in the past. When you see its history tracks, you will agree that they look like fresh marks that have been made yesterday. The best way to feel this excitement is to walk around the city and pause in front of the same historic attraction that аref from the past.


For any traveler that wants to learn more about Parramatta, there is the Hotel Parramatta – Clarion Hotel on the Park in Sydney and Hotels Homebush prepared to guide you through the beauties of the city . This hotel says “Many things to be seen, many places to be visited, many memories to be experienced – that is Parramatta city.”


One of Parramatta’s very well known beauty is the Lake Parramatta Reserve. With approximately seventy three hectares bush land and parkland, this reserve is the largest bush that remains in the Parramatta Local Government Area and Western Sydney.  Back in the past, this Lake was a water supplier for the Parramatta City and therefore the reserve function was to protect the quality of the water.


With two kilometers distance from the Parramatta City Business District, Lake Parramatta Reserve is a pleasant place for every animal lover. The fauna that lives on this reserve, range from more than fifty native birds to several exotic birds species, frogs and reptiles and thirteen native species of mammals.


Another interesting beauty of Parramatta is the existing tracks of the Aboriginal Burramattagal clan – native citizens of this reserve. The evidence of their presence can be found in the shelter caves, tree scars, hand stencil marks and midden deposits. In order for the world to be familiar with this historical discovery, the local Aboriginal Community along with the council of Parramatta city has built a Bushfoods Garden and Walk – a place worthy to visit.


Everyone that  visited this reserve has enriched his/her knowledge and has opened his/her mind for the truth that exists in the past.


Still there are many attractions that are left to be retailed and experienced, for more information about them, we will retail in the next articles.


The Hotel Parramatta – Clarion Hotel on the Park in Sydney is ready to give you the best Accommodation in Parramatta and   can suit all the needs for all its guests in the best manner. The facilities that this hotel  offers are always on a higher level. There are specials and different types of packages for all visitors and that is something that is much appreciated by the guests. All these things are  reasons  to give you trust for a pleasant vacation to this hotel.


Have a pleasant leisure while visiting Parramatta.


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