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Have an adventurous vacation and harmonious moments while visiting Australia and find the best Hotel Accommodation Australia wide

PORT MACQUARIE ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Port Macquarie / Part 2

Port Macquarie is a city of the koala’s population, yet a modern city of the future. The whole world knows about the beautiful beaches in Australia. In some countries it is summer today but for Australia it is winter. So when summer comes in Australia, people consider a holiday on the Australian beaches especially on the Port Macquarie’s beaches.


The beauty of the beaches is not only because of the beautiful sand but the clean water too. The dolphins and whales as the hosts of the Port Macquarie beaches are another reason not miss this prettiness.


With sixteen beaches in a Port Macquarie’s possession, this place offers more fun for people and dogs together than any other place since all eight beaches are dog friendly. With picnic areas, places to play cricket and certainly places for water sports (surfing, water skiing and ride on the jet boats) you will admit that on these beaches is a lot more fun than you can imagine. On the other hand, if you need an accommodation it would not be a problem since there are many Port Macquarie Accommodation places. The Quality Inn HW Boutique Hotel provides one of the best accommodations in the region and  will guide you through the most of the adorable beaches that belong to the city of Port Macquarie.


One of the many beaches that offer holiday enjoyment is Flynn’s Beach – a place with shaded picnic areas and sand that give you the pleasure and relaxation while staying on this beach.  Surfing and swimming are allowed for everyone that sees fun in these sport activities. A surf club and the café place on the timbered grassed deck make this place to be even more favorable among the Flynn’s beach visitors.


Another beach is the Rainbow Beach – a magnificent beach for family enjoyment. As the beach is divided among the Duchess Creek Street the activities differ regarding the side of the beach. Thus on the North side of the Duchess Creek you can surf, walk or you can decide to fish. While on the South side not only you can swim and surf you can also enjoy the playgrounds and have a pleasant meal using the electrical barbeques. This beach allows dog’s presence and is three kilometers distance from the Lake Cathie.


We have mentioned  Lake Cathie, and  now we will talk more about Cathie Beach, which is located very next to this lake. Cathie Beach is a beautiful place for family picnics, relaxing, swimming for all ages and a lot of fun activities on the playgrounds.


All these beaches are patrolled by lifeguards generally seven days per week.


To make your holiday a pleasant leisure choose the best Port Macquarie Accommodation in the Port Macquarie Motels or Port Macquarie Hotels. Quality Inn HW Boutique Hotel offers an enjoyable and pleasant stay in its premises. This motel by proposing special offers as “City Escape” – a spa room or “Travelers Rest” shows the care for all its quests and visitors.


Take a pleasurable holiday while having a remarkable visit of Port Macquarie’s beaches.


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