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PORT MACQUARIE ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Port Macquarie / Part 4

Port Macquarie is the core of Australia’s Holiday Coast. If someone asks you which place is the water paradise on the Australian continent, do not doubt to answer “That place is Port Macquarie”. As all the peace has gathered on this place. The noise of the water waves and quiet wind is only interrupted by the dolphins’ joy and whale’s jumps. When looking to the beaches you will feel as you are embraced by a water beauty.


When summer comes, the people’s laugh becomes a characteristic for Port Macquarie beaches. The Quality Inn HW Boutique – one of the many Port Macquarie Hotels is a  witness of this happening. It is Quality Inn HW Boutique’s pleasure to guide you through Port Macquarie’s places and beaches. This time he will introduce to you the Lighthouse Beach and Rainbow Beach.


The Lighthouse Beach is located at the Watonga Rocks. Actually this beach is divided on the North of Watonga Rocks and South of Watonga Rocks. With all summer activities that can be found almost on any other Port Macquarie beach, the horse riding is the most amazing activity that gives a grandiose look of the South of Watonga Rocks beach. The fishing is the other activity that people can enjoy in. Surfing and swimming are common activities for both beaches. As this beach is named “Lighthouse”, you would think that it must be a lighthouse story for this place. Indeed, there is a lighthouse that is placed on the North of Watonga Rocks and only those who are at this side of the beach can enjoy in the lights of this lighthouse.


For picnic lovers there is a picnic area and for dog lovers, this side of the beach is dog friendly so you can enjoy with your pet as much as you want. In, addition, for camper lovers there is a 4WD Аccess point and for families, this beach gives all needed facilities as toilets and beach showers to ease their holidays.


The other beach is the Rainbow Beach, a very family concerned beach. This beach is also divided on two sides, North of Duchess Creek and South of Duchess Creek. Both sides of the beach are lifeguard patrolled. On the North of the beach you can surf, enjoy walks and enjoy fishing. Those who have a dog can enjoy in its company when coming on this beach since the beach is dog friendly. This side of the beach has a 4WD Access point as well. On the other side of the beach – on the South side, the swimming and surfing are the main activities. Still the playgrounds are favourite and not only for young people but for adults as well. The barbeque places on this side of the beach makes this beach even more attractive for everyone who is a barbeque lover.


To enjoy and have peace, to rest and have an amusement stay at  Port Macquarie accommodation, one of the best Port Macquarie Motels – the Quality Inn HW Boutique. Be confident that your stay at their premises will make your holiday incredibly delighting and joyful and yet relaxing and peaceful.


Take a pleasurable holiday while having a remarkable visit of Port Macquarie’s beaches.


Visit Port Macquarie and have the best Port Macquarie accommodation at Quality Inn HW Boutique and read more about the Port Macquarie Hotel special offers.