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Have an adventurous vacation and harmonious moments while visiting Australia and find the best Hotel Accommodation Australia wide

CANBERRA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Canberra / Part 3

Canberra – the greatest city Australia wide, the capital of the Australians. As admiration for its nation today Canberra stood proudly showing the past and future in one place. As many people would say “Canberra is a monument of the culture, art and amusement as well.” This saying is entirely justified and anyone could confirm its truthfulness a factor that will entice you to visit Canberra.


There are many places to be visited in Canberra and many Canberra Accommodation places to stay in. Tall Trees Canberra Hotel / Motel (a part of the Best Western Tall Trees Motel) is one of the many Canberra Hotels and Canberra Motels that this city can offer. The hotel offers its premises for enjoyable and peaceful vacation for all ages and will continue to guide you through the Canberra city and its beauties.


MACKAY ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Mackay / Part 3

MACKAY ACCOMMODATION - Comfort Resort Blue Pacific

By producing one third of the nations’ sugar crop Mackay is a city known as the Sugar Capital and it proudly wears this name. This fact  makes Mackay an industrial and touristic city as well. In previous articles the mentioned beauties are only few of the enormous natural beauty that Mackay has.


The Mackay Motel – Comfort Resort Blue Pacific started to guide you through the Mackay’s beaches. The Lamberts Beach, Harbour Beach, Armstrong Beach and Blacks Beach are few of the many beaches that belong to the Mackay region. This time, the  Mackay Motel will guide you through the Coconut Beach, Gap Beach and Eimeo Beach.


MACKAY ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Mackay / Part 2

Mackay as an overwhelming city flourished with natural beauties and man-made attractions became and is an ideal place where you can break your journey and have a pleasant and relaxing holiday.


With so many nature and buildings, it is hard to decide  where to start the exciting journey through Mackay. Since there are many places to be seen, you can enjoy in the Mackay Motels – Comfort Resort Blue Pacific which  guides you through the Mackay’s beaches. It is known that Mackay has 31 beaches that can be visited and explored one every day for a month.



CANBERRA ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Canberra / Part 2

Canberra is a place where you can see and gain more knowledge about Australia than any other place in the world. From history to living present, Canberra offers not only knowledge but also entertainment and joyful holiday for all ages.


When you decide to visit Canberra you don’t have to worry  about Canberra Accommodation since there are plenty of Canberra Hotels, Canberra Motels that offer relaxed and comfortable lodging. Tall Trees Canberra Hotel (one of the Best Western Australian Hotels) offers a pleasant and peaceful accommodation to families and business people. This time, Canberra Hotel will guide you to some of the beauties that Canberra city offers.



CANBERRA ACCOMMODATION– Enjoy your holidays while visiting Canberra / Part 1

Canberra is the largest inland city in Australia. All citizens of Canberra are proud that are living in this beautiful city with architectural and landscape design therefore Canberra earned the title “bush capital”.


Canberra, as the capital home of Australia possesses the Parliament House, High Court and many national institution of social and cultural significance like:  Australian national university, National Library, National Museum, National Gallery, Australian War Memorial, Australian Institute of Sport. Also the Australian Defense Force Academy is situated in Canberra along with the Royall military College, Dynatron. There are plenty of attractions for travelers and visitors. Even if someone enjoys a full day tour around Canberra, it is impossible to visit and see everything that this city has to offer. Thus, Canberra offers you to stay in one of many Canberra Accommodation (Canberra Hotels to Canberra Motels) places where one can stay and have a relaxing lodging.



MACKAY ACCOMMODATION – Enjoy your holidays while visiting Mackay / Part 1

Someone said that Mackay is the heart of Queensland. Abounded with magnificent tropical beauties, it became one of the most preferred places for holidays as a reason of its unrivaled gorgeousness. A quiet and peaceful place with a superior weather climate every time of the year, Mackay nurtures an exotic natural world. Its flora and the fauna range from the platypus and the dugong to very rare birds and butterflies.


The Mackay’s thirty one beaches give you the pleasure to enjoy  every day in their uniqueness. It is very unique because every time you visit one of them you have the same excitement as the fist time you went on that beach. The scenic landscapes with their coastal portray and amazing waterfalls make you feel as you are far from the living word. No words can describe this beauty. No picture or story is enough to tell this magnificence. Only the living experience could give you the gorgeous memories and excitement that will last forever.